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Bridging Gaps in ADA and FMLA Claims Administration

ConnectBridge provides a refreshingly new approach to FMLA and ADA claims administration grounded in transparency, communication, and accuracy. Many of our clients have shared  frustrations with their traditional third-party administrators, so we built a new TPA business model to close the service gaps prevalent in the industry.

Why Choose ConnectBridge?

The Best People

Leave Specialists: Say goodbye to the traditional TPA call center experience. At ConnectBridge, all claims are handled by highly trained leave specialists who are committed to transparency, communication, and accuracy. Our leave specialists are true human resources professionals who receive additional training in the nuances of the FMLA/ADA statutory framework from employment law attorneys.

Para Professionals: Our para professionals, all of whom hold juris doctorate (JD) degrees and have practiced law in the past, answer questions our leave specialists might have when processing a claim. Our para professionals also conduct second-level review of claims that could expose the employer to liability.”

The Best Technology

ConnectBridge employs a custom software solution that can be tailored to the needs of each company we serve. Our top-shelf platform set us apart from the traditional TPA experience.

The Best Onboarding Process

Customer intake

We collect information about your business, such as the number of employees, industry, and any company-specific ADA/FMLA requirements.

Needs assessment

We conduct a needs assessment to determine your specific ADA/FMLA compliance needs. This may involve reviewing your existing policies and procedures, conducting employee interviews, and assessing your workplace environment.

Reporting requirements

We ensure that you have up-to-the-minute reports to maximize your visibility into the claims of your workforce.

Technology integration

We provide single-sign on and HRIS integration to streamline the processing of ADA and FMLA claims. 

Conduct regular meetings

We meet with you regularly to review our performance and ways we can improve our client service.

Integration of existing claims

We work with your HR department or current TPA to ensure in-process claims are handled without issue.